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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Workout 29 - Gonna Make You Sweat!

Materials needed:  weights
Warm up
Standing Oblique Twists - 1 min
Butt kicker run - 1 min
Lunges with chest press - 1 min
Inch worms - 1 min
Walk on tip toes - 30 secs
Walk on heels - 30 secs

Remember if you aren't familiar with the exercise, check it out on our You-tube channel!

Complete the following circuits starting at 25 sec intervals, then repeat for 30 sec intervals, and finally 40 sec intervals.  During the rest areas, only rest for 25, 30, or 40 secs (which ever round your are on).    You may not feel like you need it in round 1, but by round 3 you'll be looking for them! 

Alternating DB Squats with press
Push-ups with half burpee
Alternating Backward Lunges
Star Jumps
Plank Hip Dips
Mountain Climbers
Squat Curls
Rest and then on to the next round!

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