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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Workout 33 - Complete the List

Complete the following list of exercises however you like.  If you aren't up for doing all of them at once, break it up into sets of whatever you can handle.  The main thing is that you complete all the reps at some point during the workout and try to keep moving to keep the heart rate elevated.  This workout should take about 20 minutes.  All exercises can be seen on our You Tube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/Fit4a6pack?feature=mhee

Jog or march - 1 min
Butt kicker run - 1 min
Inch worms - 1 min
Walk on tip toes - 30 sec
Walk on heels - 30 sec

_____  50 Step ups (25 each leg)
_____  20 Plank Rows
_____  100 jumping jacks
_____  20 Superman planks
_____  25 Squats (wt optional)
_____  20 push ups
_____  20 dips 
_____  30 sec wall sit
_____  25 dumbbell Swings
_____  20 bicep curls 
_____  20 hip dips
_____  20 star jumps (finish like a superstar!)

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