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Monday, May 14, 2012

Swimsuit in 6 (6 weeks, 6 exercises) - Part 2

Don't freak out, but we are half way through to our goal of debuting those swimsuit bodies!!  Time to switch up the exercises and give your body a change.  Once again, we encourage you to do the exercises at 3 days a week on non-consecutive days.  Hopefully you are finding yourself gaining muscle tone and feel things "tightening up".  These results are typical!!!

Links provide video demonstrations

1 min march or jog in place, inchworms, standing oblique twists, jumping jacks

Swimsuit in 6:  Weeks 3-6
10 plank to push-ups
1 min cross punch/squat jump combo
15 stork stance rows each leg (use a weight, a gallon jug of water, anything weighted!)

Rest 1 minute

1 min combo of 5 squats / 1 burpee
1 min mountain climbers
25 plank knee in's (take knee towards opposite elbow--different from video)

Rest 1 minute and repeat the whole sequences 2 more times for a total of 3 sets

For the best results, complete 3 times a week (with a days rest in between).  If you are looking to gain results at a more rapid rate, keep performing the exercises from Swimsuit in 6: Weeks 1-3 in addition to the above exercises (all on the same day).

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