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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom...Are You Wearing the Right Shoes?!

Wearing the right shoe during exercise is as important as performing the exercise.  What shoes you purchase and wear should be based on intended use as specific shoes are designed for specific activity.  For example, running shoes are designed to propel you forward and are not a good choice for lateral activity as they offer little support when moving laterally (side to side).  Most of the workouts we provide would be best completed in a pair of training shoes.  Below is a list of shoes and what qualities you should be looking for:
  1. Running shoes - propel forward; look for shock absorption and cushioning.  
  2. Training shoes - lateral movement; good support for side to side movements.  They tend to be lightweight.
  3. Basketball shoes - offer support for the ankle; most other shoes don't offer enough ankle support.
  4. Walking shoes - offer more support in the arch and offer more stability
  5. Other sport shoes - if you are playing a specific sport, you usually want to buy specific shoes as they are designed for that sport (aka don't regularly play basketball in your running shoes)
There are specialty stores that will help get you into the right shoes for your foot and activity.  You may pay a little bit more, but in the long run it's definitely worth it!  Also, within each category of shoes there are shoes that fit your style of running, walking, etc.  Some of these stores may even offer a running analysis and help you with your form!!  Once again, it would be worth the time and money and save you the risk of an injury.

It is also important to change out your shoes approximately every 4-6 months or 400 to 600 miles for runners.  Pay attention to the cushioning breakdown, not how they look on the outside.  Wearing shoes too long usually leads to injuries and most people don't put the two together.  If your shins, knees, etc are aching, check out the age of your shoes...it could be the culprit!  If you have several pairs of running shoes you can extend the life by rotating them so they don't break down as quick.

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