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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom...Walking Workouts!

The temperature is rising and people are waking up from winter migration to enjoy this beautiful spring weather.  Most prefer walking out side in the warmer months so here are some tips to help maximize the benefits of walking for exercise:

·      Footwear:  Make sure you have a comfortable pair of well-supported shoes (they have shoes specifically for walking, so if you are a serious walker this is a great investment).  If your shoes are worn, go buy a new pair now.  Your body will thank you later :)

·      Clothing:  Opt for comfortable, loose fitting clothing so you can perspire.  If clothing is too tight it will trap the sweat and your body will not be cooled.  You can also opt for popular dri-fit clothing which is breathable and helps evaporate excess moisture allowing you to keep sweating thus cooling your body.

·      Surface:  If you have any orthopedic conditions, opt for a soft walking surface such as grass or a soft track.  Also, pay attention for cracks in the side walk, street, etc that may cause for an un-even and potentially dangerous surface.

·      Yield to cars:  They have the right of way and often are not paying attention!  Also, walk towards oncoming traffic.

·      Make it a workout!  Many people walk for leisurely purposes, but it can be an effective way to improve cardiovascular health, maintain and lose weight, and strengthen muscles.  When you are ready to challenge yourself, find hills to “climb” which will increase your heart rate or mix in short bouts (30 secs-1 minute to start) of jogging to spice it up and kick the calorie burn up a notch!!  

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