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Monday, May 14, 2012

Workout 85 - Summer's Comin'!

Just a reminder Summer unofficially starts next weekend, so it's time to really kick it into gear!  Chance are you will be hitting the beach, lake, pool, waterpark, etc sometime soon!  We are encouraging you to do the Swimsuit in 6 workout again today with a little bit of a kick in the you know what following it.  

It's go time!!! 

Swimsuit in 6:  Weeks 3-6
Links provide video demonstrations

1 min march or jog in place, inchwormsstanding oblique twists, jumping jacks

Rest 1 minute

Rest 1 minute and repeat the whole sequences 2 more times for a total of 3 sets

Then perform the following:

1 push-up
3 tuck jumps
2 push-ups
6 tuck jumps
3 push-ups
9 tuck jumps
4 push-ups 
12 tuck jumps

If you aren't tired yet, go back down the above latter of push-up tuck jump combos!  Also, if you need to reduce the impact/intensity of the tuck jumps substitute squats or squat jumps.

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