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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom - Healthy Holiday Weekend Habits!

I can hear the chants of 3 day weekend in the air, but before we kick off the weekend celebrations let's review a few helpful tips so that you don't complete sabotage all your hard work and healthy habits!

1.  Watch your liquid intake.  Your favorite cocktails can add up quick so enjoy them in moderation (the average margarita can have 500+ calories).  Chances are if it is fruity and tastes good it has an abundance of calories.  We suggest being aware of how many calories you are consuming before you have another ;).  Same goes for soda, juice, lemonade, etc.  Remember, water has zero calories! 

2.  Dessert.  In moderation.  Enough said...or a trick you can try when you are craving dessert is eating a bowl of fruit and then see if you still need that double chocolate brownie sundae surprise!

3.  Watch the side items.  Most potato salads, pasta salads, etc are mayonnaise-based and/or cream- based and have a lot more fat then you know.  Once again, look for fruit or veggie themed salads.  I saw Emeril making a diced tomato, vidalia onion and avocado salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar the other morning...looked delicious and is low-calorie.  Think along those lines!

4.  Stay active, it's summer!!!  Go swimming, biking, play a game of wiffle ball with the kids, you get the drift! 

It's okay to let your guard down this weekend and enjoy yourself, but don't get carried away.  Why?  You'll feel a lot less guilty Tuesday when we return to reality!

Also, let us not forget the real reason most of us get to enjoy a 3-day weekend...honoring the men and women who have died fighting for our country!

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