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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Workout 84- Swimsuit ready

Hey all!  Before I hit the pool...gonna do this workout.  Give it a go!  You'll be ready for water too.

Alternating Side lunges (hold inner thigh stretch)
Side shuffle (athletic stance)
Butt kicks

All exercises = 1 minute. 30 seconds of rest between each exercise.
4 rounds
  • Pyramid Planks (from plank position, move to down dog, back to plank and repeat)
  • Walking Lunges (hold dummbells overhead, elbows extended), can do alternating lunges if you are limited on space
  • Tricep Extensions (lying on back using same dumbbells from previous exercise)
  • Jumping Jack Push-ups
  • Squat to Front Kick
When finished with 4 rounds
complete the following sequence:

1 push-up
3 tuck jumps
2 push-ups
6 tuck jumps
3 push-ups
9 tuck jumps
4 push-ups
12 tuck jumps
Go back down the ladder...if you can hang.  Great metabolic finisher!

You'll be a fat burning machine from this workout!

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