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Monday, December 12, 2011

Workout 23 - Minute To Win It!

Here's one of our favorite workouts!  Stay tuned for a new workout Thursday and a holiday inspired workout coming soon!!

Perform each exercise for 1 minute.  Perform at least one time through for a quick 10 minute workout or repeat up to 3 times.  See our you-tube channel for exercise video demos.

Dynamic Warm-up:
Frankenstein kicks
Alternating lunges holding hip flexor stretch for about 5 seconds
Clap hands in front and then behind your body
Side shuffle

Walking planks (2 steps) then 2 push-ups -repeat back

Jumping lunges (stationary for less impact)

Tricep push-ups

5 squats / 1 burpee (combo)...can step back instead of jumping

3 step speed skaters

Step-ups (left)

Step-ups (right)

Reclined knee ins

X-Men Jumping Jacks

Reverse plank hold

Rest at least 2-3 minutes

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