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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nintendo Wii: Is it Exercise or Just Gaming?

For years, health and fitness experts have been steering people away from sedentary past times such as video games and television.  Now a new phenomenon referred to as “exergaming” has caused professionals to think twice about video games, but is it really enough?
Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse conducted a study monitoring men and women 20-29 years of age using the Wii Sports Bundle which includes baseball, boxing, bowling, tennis and golf.  The results of the study found caloric expenditure levels to be less than performing the actual sport due to less body movement; however the study did report performing 30 minutes of Wii Boxing burns 216 calories, which is 51 more calories than a brisk walk.  Also, a 30-minute Wii Tennis match burns a respectable 159 calories. 
The Wii can provide a low-intensity workout for those who lack time and motivation to get out of the house and exercise.  Other benefits include convenient exercise location in the comfort of one’s living room and an increase in motivation due to taking on an opponent during games.  Both of these factors may improve exercise adherence and provide a recreational outlet. 

For some individuals, the Wii is a great alternative to a sedentary lifestyle.  If you are looking to experience significant gains in fitness levels or drop large amounts of weight, we suggest you use the Wii for recreational purposes and either perform the actual sport being played or find another form of exercise that is a little more intense.

For information on how the Wii Fit rates, check out the link below. 

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