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Friday, December 2, 2011

Tis the Season to Be Healthy!

You're busy with holiday parties, you're shopping for gifts in your free time, it's freezing outside...so why not just take a break from your fitness program until the new year?  Wait a minute!  Who says you have to give up your fitness regimen during the holidays?  Who says you have to wait until January 1st to start your New Year's Resolution? 

It's pretty easy to come up with excuse not to exercise. It's REALLY easy to come up with excuses not to exercise during the holiday season.  Slack off now will leave you with more pounds and stress to deal with in January.  The following are tips to help you stay active and healthy during the holidays:
  • Spend an extra 15 minutes before or after your shopping time at the mall just walking. The more brisk the walk, the more calories you will burn and the more energy you will have.  You can window shop, just no stopping until your walk is over.
  • Instead of skipping your workout, just shorten it to fit your busy holiday schedule.  Work harder in that shorter period of time and you will break even!
  • At parties, skip the foods you eat all the time.  Enjoy the foods that are only offered this time of year…in moderation of course!
  • Enjoy the holiday lights by foot instead of car. Take a family walk around your neighborhood (or drive to other neighborhoods and park) and enjoy all the decorations.
  • Be prepared for the holiday snacks your co-workers love to bring to the office.  Let them know you are trying to avoid those temptations or just bring your own healthy snacks and fill up on those.
Stay tuned for more holiday tips from us.  Coming soon, top holiday gifts for the fitness fanatic!

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