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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Workout 25 - The Boss

Do this workout like you own it!

Dynamic Warm-up:

Sumo Squats
Alternating lunges holding hip flexor stretch for about 5 seconds
Clap hands in front and then behind your body
Side shuffle

Workout - complete sequence 3x:

combo: 5 push-ups then hold push-up position (plank) for 30 seconds (only once so do them on your toes and try to get your chest all the way to the floor)

X-Men Jumping Jacks (1 Minute)

Tricep Dips using a bench or chair (1 Minute)

Squat Jumps (1 Minute) ...or regular squats for low impact

Alternating Side Lunges (1 Minute)

Inchworms with a push-up (1 Minute)

Bicycle Crunches (2 Minutes)

Reverse plank hold (1 Minute)

Rest at least 2-3 minutes before repeating 

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