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Friday, February 24, 2012

Freebie Friday - Free Fitness Consultations!

Our final freebie for February is quite possibly the best yet!  We want to help you out with all your fitness questions. 

We want to get you more involved with our blog and really want to tune into your needs.  Please use the email below to confidentially email us any questions you may have concerning your workouts and/or any other fitness topic.  We will reply to your email and hopefully provide the encouragement and/or direction you were looking for.  

We would also like you to feel free to post on our blog.  We will be sharing our personal workouts and the feelings that go along with them (Sarah is training for a half marathon and Allison is doing a wide variety of training).  We want you to do the same!  If you complete one of our workouts and you love it, let us know...If you complete one of our workouts and it was too easy, let us know!  

Make sure you sign up to follow us and you'll never miss a post!  Join our blog.

We look forward to building a blog "family" and sharing our workout blood, sweat and tears together!

Email your questions to:


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