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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Workout 51 - Weekend Warrior!

Nothing like a good sweat on a Saturday!  If you are busy during the week, the weekend is a great time to sneak a couple workouts in (Sat & Sun).  Make sure you add at least a couple days during the week to round our your workout plan!

You'll need dumbbells and/or a band for this workout

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Warm Up:
1 min - Jog or march
1 min - Inch worms
1 min - Standing oblique twists
1 min - Frankenstein walks (straight-legged kicks)
1 min - Walking lunges

Do as many reps as you can of the following exercises for the duration listed:

30 secs - Pushups
30 secs - Squat Jumps (squats for low impact)
30 secs - Reclined knee In's

Rest 30 sec - 1 min

30 secs - Bench Dips
30 secs - Step Ups - right leg
30 secs - Step Ups - left leg
30 secs - Superman Planks

Rest 30 sec - 1 min

30 secs - Bicep Curls (weights or band)
30 secs - Alternating dumbbell squat with press
30 secs - Plank Hip Dips

Rest 30 sec - 1 min 

Repeat Entire Circuit 3 times!

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