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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Workout 47 - Not complaining

Did you know that most everyone who committed to a New Years Resolution ditched it as of Tuesday, Valentine's Day? Well, here's hoping that if you are reading this post, you're a survivor.

Equipment Needed: dumbbell

Same Warm - Up as Monday.
Do the following exercises 1 min each:
March/jog, standing oblique twists, inch worms, frankenstein kicks (straight-legged kicks) 

Circuit 1:
1 Minute Butt Kicks
1 Minute Glute Bridges
1 Minute Bottom 1/2 lunges right
1 Minute Bottom 1/2 lunges left
1 Minute Plyometric Lunges
1 Minute as many squat jumps as possible (record your reps and try to achieve each consecutive round)
Rest 2 - 3 Minutes (no complaining here)
Repeat 2x (Okay...insert complaints now)

Circuit 2:
1 Minute 2 step plank walk with 2 push-ups (see video if you need help)
1 Minute plank rows left
1 Minute plank rows right
1 Minute tricep dips
1 Minute Upper Cuts (brace your core and whack the air hard and fast)
Rest 2 - 3 Minutes 
Repeat 2x

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