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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Workout 45 - It's the freak'n weekend

Equipment needed: dumbbells

Active warm-up/movement prep:
jog or march in place for 2 minutes
side shuffle
alternating lunges with hip flexor stretch
inch worms
sumo squats

Workout - 4 rounds

Frog Jumps (25) - use the space within your workout area to travel when jumping.  stay low.

Side plank then side plank crunches (only one side per round).  Hold side plank first (30 seconds) then add the side plank crunch.  Bring top knee to elbow while holding plank (10).

Wall sit (1-2 minutes)

Bent over DB flyes (15)

Tricep push-ups (20)

Rest then repeat 3x (for a total of 4 rounds).  Be sure to alternate sides on the plank crunches.

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