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Monday, February 20, 2012

Workout 49 - Push It!

Today's theme...Push ups!!

Since the reps are low, try the pushups on your toes.  You can always modify when you become too tired and start to lose your form!

Exercises can be found here:

Warm-up:  Jog or march 30 secs, Butt kickers 30 secs, Lunges with chest press 1 min, Inch worms 1 min, Standing oblique twists 30 secs, Plie squats 30 secs

The Workout...

5 star jumps (modify impact as needed)
5 pushups
5 star jumps
5 tricep pushups

rest 30 sec

5 jumping lunges (modify impact to regular lunges as needed--5 each leg)
5 plank to pushup
5 jumping lunges 
5 pushups with half burpee

rest 1 min

Repeat this circuit 3-5 times (preferably 5--push yourself and enjoy that feeling of accomplishment!!)

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