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Friday, March 30, 2012

Popcorn - Yummy and Full of Antioxidants?!

A study released this week suggests popcorn may have more antioxidant benefits than fruits and vegetables.  That's right, I said yummy, delicious popcorn!  Before you ditch your fruits and veggies for a bag of popcorn check out the article and/or video below.  Unfortunately, drenching it in butter, caramel and cheese aren't justified!  We also still need to consume fruits and veggies, but popcorn can help out!

Ironically when researching this topic, the video I found was from 2009, so this is another study reinforcing the previous findings.  More research is being conducted on this topic.  In the mean time, let's have some popcorn!  My favorite right now is at Trader Joe's (look for similar items at your favorite grocery store).  They come in mini bags at 130 calories per serving (and very filling), 2g of fat (1 saturated), and 4g of fiber (the reason it fills you up!).  I often eat popcorn as a snack or instead of chips with a sandwich.  A much better choice with the 4g of fiber than any "healthy" chips on the market, and now hopefully antioxidants!

Watch a news clip on whole grains, popcorn and antioxidants

Read about the benefits of Popcorn!

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