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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Workout 56 - Knockout!

Want to look like a knockout?  Here's a cardio-crazed workout that packs a "punch" :)

Equipment needed:  dumbbells or band

Warm Up:  30 sec high knee jog, 30 sec butt kickers, 30 sec frankenstein walk (straight legged kicks), 30 secs standing oblique twists, 1 min inch worms, 1 min walking lunges

Push yourself as fast as you can on the exercise and recover during the jog/march:

30 sec jump rope / 30 march or jog
30 sec jump squats (squat for low impact) /30 march or jog
30 sec speed skaters/ 30 march or jog
30 sec jumping jacks/ 30 march or jog
30 sec jump lunges (alt. lunges for low impact)/ 30 march or jog

rest 1 minute

Push yourself to punch as fast as you can = more effective

30 sec jab punchs / 30 sec plank to pushup
30 sec upper cuts / 30 sec bicep curls (band or weights)
30 sec speed bags / 30 sec tricep pushups (elbows in!)
30 sec cross punches / 30 sec plank hip dips
30 sec hook punches / 30 sec side squats

Rest and repeat at least one more time.  For a longer workout, complete 2 more times!!


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