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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Workout 59 - Spring Fever

Spring has finally sprung in the Midwest.  The robins are busy, the frogs are croaking, and the grass is greening up!  Do this workout outdoors and enjoy it.  I ran 5 miles outside yesterday and am sun burnt(I am pasty).  Put your sunscreen on and grab your neighbors.  This total body workout rocks!

Equipment: a mat if you don't want to lay in the grass directly

Jog / Walk (utilize your sidewalk/driveway/parking lot) 2 mins
Standing oblique twists
Frankenstein Kicks
Alternating walking lunges holding hip flexor stretch

Complete each exercise for the time listed resting only 20 seconds between each.  At the end of the list rest 2 - 5 minutes and complete again 2 more times.

1 Minute High Knees (travel forward if you have the space)
1 Minute Side Plank crunches RIGHT(top elbow to top knee)
1 Minute Glute Bridges (hip extensions)
1Minute Side Plank crunches LEFT
1 Minute Sit-ups
1 Minute Frog Jumps (travel forward if you have the space)
1 Minute Push-ups
Rest and Repeat

Recover by taking a stroll through the hood.

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